Wants for Dinner

Hotel Solana, Arinsal, Andorra

Begonia Séu hadn’t half expected this fearsome night to begin. The day had begun quietely enough with a stroll in the village of Pal-Arensal. Patricia and her fiancé Antonio were walking hand in hand and what seemed like a temporary seductive episode, lasted forever. Was there nothing in Antonio that upset Patricia? Wasn’t it strange that he wanted to marry immediately? Did he see her as Patricia, a wonder woman or Patricia, the cash cow? Undeniably, cash was sexy, but Patricia may have given him false hope. Her publishing agency was flatlining and apart from some valuable Euro notes in her purse, she actually had naught on her bank account. Granted, nobody would have to know, unless they were going to marry you. In some respect, Patricia resembled Blue Jasmine or Jeanette, a movie star she rather liked from a box office hit of Woody Allen.

‘You know that the other guys can entertain me all day long, but you are what I want for dinner,’ Patricia said. Her enthusiasm knew no limits and she stroke a seductive pose yet again. Was there something about Patricia that made her a vibrant diamond in the rough? No, she was budding and burgeoning in her pride. That was it. If only Begonia could share in her good luck. She had those bracelets, but those did not exactly bring her the affluence she yearned for.

‘You may think you’re love is made out of bricks, but I can see them sticks,’ Begonia uttered, desperately remembering the lyrics of a song she disliked.

‘You’re mine, you’re mine,’ Patricia echoed. She regained composure and said: ‘I am utterly thrilled to have you here all tonight.’ She kissed the air and waved with her hands. ‘Sweet kisses and butterflies.’

Begonia was happy her friend did not think about the downsides of marrying Antonio, which were numerous and plenty in her view. Where was he, actually? Was he stuck in traffic?

Hotel Princesa Park Pal Arinsal

Just as she posed herself this question, Antonio showed up in the diner on a slope in Pal-Arensal. He had the most unlikely company and said: ‘Hi all, I am here and ready.’

‘Ready isn’t good enough,’ Patricia interjected. ‘I want a men’s man. Know what I mean? A real man.’

Antonio disregarded this remark and put his hands on the hips of his unlikely company. Was this Marcia Lapidis? The manifestation of evil herself? No, Begonia could not quite believe this turn of events and decided to grab for her glasses in her purse. Also, she decided to keep her mouth shut. Who knew what else might be in store?

Marcia Lapidis, who wasn’t an altogether unattractive show to behold, said in the most confident of voices: ‘I am Marcia Lapidis and I am going to make Antonio’s day unforgettable.’

‘But it is I who will get married to Antonio,’ Patricia said, while she looked around in a diner that could very well have been McDonald's.

‘No sweat,’ Marcia said. ‘Antonio and I have been friends since kindergarten and we just know which buttons to press. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.’

Begonia saw that Patricia was beginning to get nervous. What could possibly be Marcia’s secret agenda? Was she really only there to make friends? But what about the encounter in her villa? Would the marriage still go ahead?

‘What’s on your mind?’ Patricia said to a pensive Begonia.

Begonia could not move. All her careful plans were about to be shattered by devious Marcia. She had expected Patricia to marry and on top of it all, she had arranged that Ada Wong would forge a deal with her ailing publishing company. If only doctor Penguin wouldn’t have meddled in her business. And now for the second setback: Marcia Lapidis. She had another thing coming, at least that was for sure.

‘Are you all right?’ Marcia said in the most comforting of voices.

‘Yes,’ Begonia said, suddenly having found the light, ‘I am quite all right, thank you.’ She didn’t as much as blink with her eyes when she said the following to Marcia: ‘You evil bastard. Dwindling in Patricia’s affairs and asking me to turn a blind eye. What were you thinking? Are you out of your mind?’

While most of this story was fabricated, there was some truth in it, Begonia had to admit, but it was already too late. The wedding would not see it through.

This episode marks the end of Season ONE. But wait, there is more :) The next batch of episodes center on Begoña's mystifying foray into the world of code; read Hello World now.

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Pretending that we'll meet.
Each time I turn a corner, I walk a little faster.
Pretending life is sweet.
'Cause love's around the corner, I walk a little faster
Fiona Apple. 'I Walk A Little Faster'. 2009.