Hello World

Begonia was battling through the hordes of people that amassed on the streets of Palma de Mallorca. The capital of the Balearics had never been so busy and lots of tourists that normally went to faraway places, decided to venture to Spain this year. Not in the least because elsewhere, wars were raging and Europe seemed most apt for either a luxurious getaway or a budget holiday. She bemoaned this state of affairs, even if she was lonely herself and longed for the company these strangers might offer.

Passeig del Born, woman looking through a window

On the Passeig del Born, she gazed into the distance and could ascertain Patricia. The publisher of the Antilles was in the midst of a conversation with Cláudia Quito La Paz, a lawyer and rumored to have a good story. ‘Hello,’ Begonia yelled, somewhat too loud, upsetting the burgeoning crowd. She did not exactly blend in this environment, which was either far too rich or far too mundane. She never got it that the port of Palma provided shelter for both excruciatingly beautiful boats and those that were less so.

Patricia looked sideways and gestured her to come. Only now did Begonia see that Cláudia had the most depressive appearance. Did she lose a case? That couldn’t be, for Cláudia knew the way of the world. ‘Bego, I need to tell you something,’ Patricia admitted when our psychologist drew closer. ‘Cláudia just told me about a client, Adriana Humaine.’

Like any good psychologist, she knew she had to remain silent, or so she had read somewhere.

‘Bego, don’t give us that worrisome look,’ Cláudia uttered. Bego could see that Cláudia was not in optimal form, wearing a dress that was washed too hot and running panties. Maybe she should hold her breath and pry for information.

Bench on the Passeig del Born

Bench on the Passeig del Born, main street of Palma de Mallorca, modeled after Las Ramblas, Barcelona

After exchanging glances, Cláudia told her how Adriana fell into a nasty trap. The daughter of Ada was the most intelligent of creatures and on one of her quests for knowledge, she unearthed a digital gang of sorts. Instead of going to the police, who would do nothing to exterminate this threat, she got involved in a world of Hello World.

Hello World had been the first program Adriana had been tasked with at a university in Slovakia. She never thought that a few lines could be the beginning of a new life. Begonia inquired further into her career path and discovered that Hello World looked boring to the outside world, but was always an important step. Next up was making a calculator, all tasks that Bego could not fathom to understand the importance of.

While Adriana spilled her Java beans, as that was the programming language she had studied, the psychologist was thinking about how far removed she was from this digitalized era. Being from 1973, she knew a computer as being a monolith, a mainframe housed in large buildings, waiting for commands and processing punch cards.

Adriana enlightened her further on the matter and conceded that mainframes were still in business today. She was particularly interested in a tool of one arcane system, the Source Entry Utility or SEU. It all seemed like a mystery to the psychologist, but Adriana was her client and she had to understand what lied behind the code. Was Adriana somebody to be unencrypted as well? She was about the find out, as she drew closer to her goal: finding out what Patricia had up her sleeve.

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public class Hello {
    public static void main(String[] args) { 
    System.out.println(“Hello World”);